July 11, 2012 Orlando There’s NEVER been a lure system like this before. The Custom Catcher lure system will make its debut at the Icast convention on July 11 – 13. It features completely customizable and interchangeable bodies, hooks, and lips, to accommodate a variety of fishing conditions – without having to lug around an oversized tackle box.

Two unique Custom Catcher kits are being revealed: the Jointed Minnow Kit, and the larger Soft Body Kit.These quick change kits include easily removable, replaceable, and interchangeable parts, allowing for an endless array of customized lure possibilities. Because of their revolutionary design, no tools are necessary to create and recreate customized lures on the spot, making thefishing experience simpler and more enjoyable.

Burdick’s Baits, LLC is a family businessand the Custom Catcher story began about 30 years ago, as Scott Burdick and his father dreamt of a quick change lure system with multiple interchangeable bodies that could be easily carried in their pockets as they walked the shorelines of lakes and streams. Since a design like this did not exist, they made several attempts over the years to create their vision, but continued to come up short. Once Scottretired in 2009, at the top of his list of projects to pursue was creating the modular pocket lure system that his father and he had been unable to finish.

One day, while trying to detangle a ball of mixed-up hooks, snaps, paper clips, and leader clamps from a drawer, he picked the mess up by the paper clip, the two clips fell in a line with the treble hook… and there it was! By pure accident he had created the simple quick change system he had been dreaming of for years, and Custom Catcher was born.

Says Scott, “I enjoy the simple pleasures of life: special memories made with loved ones, enjoying the great outdoors, and especially, a good day fishing. But sometimes even the simplest of pleasures, like fishing the shorelines of our beautiful lakes and streams, can be hampered by burdensome equipment. Why carry around a large tackle box when all you need fits right in your pocket?”

Custom Catcher kits can be seen at booth1973 during the Icast show in Orlando, July 11-13th, and online at www.CustomCatcher.com.

Custom Catcher – You’ve never seen a lure system like this before!

Burdick’s Baits, LLC

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